Welcome to Women’s Mental Wellness

Welcome to Women’s Mental Wellness

We’re excited to present our brand new website and all of the great features you’ll be able to find as you explore the different pages. It was important to us to have a website that portrays both our values and the way we enjoy helping patients navigate through the various obstacles that can come up throughout a woman’s life.

At Women’s Mental Wellness, we are a specialized mental healthcare practice specifically for women, by women. By focusing on creating a safe, non-judgemental environment, we work collaboratively with our patients to foster openness and develop the best personalized all around treatments for their particular needs.

From the Home page, you can get a nice overview of the website, services we offer, and even recent articles that get published on the blog. The About Us page is designed to give you a little more background information on both Dr. Miltenberger and Dr. Liland. Here you will be able to read more in-depth about their professional experience and training as it pertains to women’s mental health.

The Services page is where you will find all of the different treatment and counseling options that we offer, such as treatment depression, anxiety, OCD, grief and loss, relationship issues, infertility, life changes, and much more. General services are focused around psychotherapy and building a bond between our patients and doctors, so that you can feel more comfortable and open during your sessions.

Both the perinatal and infertility service pages are for women going through very specific times in their lives and the types of mental stress that occur during these periods. Both Dr. Miltenberger and Dr. Liland have extensive experience in these areas to provide complete collaborative treatment plans that help improve the quality of life of their patients.

As our blog continues to grow, you’ll be able to find informative and helpful articles and information on common health topics as they relate to a woman’s mental wellness and balance. If you find yourself needing a little extra guidance, we also provided additional online mental health information and counseling options that can be found on the Resources page.

The Workshop page is where we will post upcoming events that provide live learning opportunities and interactions with our doctors. At these events, you’ll be able to witness the way Women’s Mental Wellness operates and see for yourself the level of experience and care that we provide our patients.

Thanks for stopping by and we look forward to helping you any way we can.

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