How can childbirth effect you?

The miracle of pregnancy and childbirth is wondrous. However, it is not uncommon that women experience this life transition as a time of increased stress, and for some women, symptoms of anxiety and/or depression begin to impact their overall functioning. Drs. Miltenberger and Liland received specialized training and understand the complexity of mood disorders during the perinatal period.  We work closely with obstetricians, nurses and midwives to improve your well-being during and after pregnancy. 

Women’s Mental Wellness Center can help if you are struggling with any of the following:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Coping with unplanned pregnancies
  • Counseling for survivors of sexual or physical abuse
  • Support with a previous challenging or traumatic birth experience
  • Creating a plan to reduce the likelihood of postpartum depression

During High Risk Pregnancy

  • Coping with multiples (twins and triplets) during pregnancy
  • Pregnancy and fetal complications
  • Coping extended bed rest
  • Decisions about pregnancy termination following prenatal diagnosis

Miscarriage, Stillbirth & Infant Death

  • A chance to move through grief and find meaning in your life
  • A chance to move through grief and find meaning in your life
  • Facilitation of the grief process and information about what to expect
  • Anxiety about future pregnancies